Med Spa Services

Cutting-Edge Procedures

The team at Kiss Aesthetics strives to offer the latest and most effective aesthetic and health improvement services on the market — from Sculptra® dermal fillers to B12 injections — to help you look and feel vibrant and beautiful. We're always willing to customize our procedures to meet your unique needs so that you can leave our offices in Minooka and Tinley Park, IL feeling satisfied and confident.


Botox® and Dysport®

These injections relax the facial muscles that control frowning, squinting, and smiling, allowing creased or wrinkled skin to recover and smooth out.

Lip Flip

Our Botox® Lip Flip is a perfect solution if you are looking for a ‘poutier’ lip!

Dermal Fillers

JUVÉDERM®, RESTYLANE®, VERSA® and RHA® are some of the different types of dermal fillers used at Kiss Aesthetics to address aging.


Sculptra can return lost volume to the face — especially the cheeks — and diminish the appearance of lines through a series of quick injections.

PDO Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift is a nonsurgical procedure that uses biodegradable threads to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production over time.


KYBELLA® targets and dissolves the stubborn upper-neck fat deposits that can cause the appearance of the dreaded "double-chin."


SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® helps the skin retain its natural moisture and softness leading to an improvement in the skin smoothness of the cheeks.



A HydraFacial is a highly-customizable professional facial service that allows you to choose the products that are right for your unique skin.

Hydrating Peel

The Hydrating Enzyme Peel is a non-acid natural peel that contains soothing ingredients to adequately exfoliate skin.

Acne Clear Skin Peel

Our Acne Clear Skin Peel gently targets hyperpigmentation, redness, and fine lines.

Acne Clear Skin Back Peel

Our Acne Clear Skin Back Peel contains powerful acids that target back blemishes, redness & lines (even tough ones).

VI Peel®

A VI Peel® uses a customized solution to reveal smoother skin and decrease skin irregularities like fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Lactic/Brightening Peel

Our 20% Lactic/Brightening Peel is recommended for all skin types and skin prone to all types of acne and hyperpigmentation.


Refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize your complexion with a noninvasive, nonsurgical dermaplaning treatment at Kiss Aesthetics in Minooka, IL.


Our acne specialists are trained on creating a customized treatment plan.


Forever Young BBL

We use beams of light energy to warm the skin and trigger its natural regeneration process to clear away spots of pigmentation.

Pigment/Vein Treatment

Pigment/Vein treatment reduces unwanted pigment or vessels in the face/body.

Forever Clear BBL®

Forever Clear BBL® can reduce and even eliminate the blemishes that appear during active breakouts for a smoother, clearer complexion.

SkinPen® Micro needling

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin to reduce wrinkles, lines, and minor imperfections for an improved, more youthful look with SkinPen® micro needling.

Sylfirm X® Micro Needling

Sylfirm X® is the world’s first and only FDA registered pulsed wave and continuous wave radio frequency micro needling device!

MOXI® Skin Rejuvenation

MOXI® skin rejuvenation treatments utilize non-ablative laser technology to prevent aging, as well as reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal

We target hair follicles with focused laser energy during their growth phase to remove them and keep them from growing back.


Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty is a treatment that regenerates vaginal tissue and improves the cosmetic appearance.

Sculptra® Booty

Sculptra® Booty promotes collagen growth in the booty and hips which leads to increased projection and plumpness.

B12 Injections

B12 injections can boost your mood and metabolism almost immediately to stabilize your energy levels and overall well-being.

Skinny Shot

Supercharge your weight loss program, diet, and exercise routine to shed those unwanted pounds with cutting-edge semaglutide weight loss injections.
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